School Activities


 Archery (NEW)

Taster sessions (12 to 16 students, £7.50 per person) this 1 to 1 ½ hours session can be held indoors or outdoors and introduces children to the basic techniques of target archery using a recurve bow.


We can also offer a 6 week program (12 to 16 students, £36 per person) with more in depth instruction where children can start to develop a better understanding of archery techniques and really build up their proficiency and skills.


For groups of 8 to 12 (£54.00 per person for a 7

Canoeingweek course) we offer the Paddle Power Passport qualification (equivalent to the 1* Paddlesport qualification for adults). Children learn to control a number of different craft, canoes and kayaks, as both a single paddler and in a crew. The qualification typically takes between 6 and 8 sessions of 1 ½ hours. We run these sessions from our base at Oundle Wharf.

Archery Attack (NEW)

archery attackThis new and exciting activity is best described as a cross between archery and paintball! Competitors (10 to 12 people per game, £10 per hour maximum, less if multiple hours are booked) are equipped with foam tipped arrow which neither cause pain nor leave a mark. Teams compete to win territory, capture their opponents’ flag, or win a hunger games style melee!

Rock Climbing


Our 24ft mobile climbing tower provides an excellent activity for whole school or year group events, end of term rewards etc. The 4 routes of varying difficulty, are protected by an autobelay system, leaving our instructors free to coach and encourage climbers to the top. Each route has a separate timer so children can compare times and compete to be the fastest. Cost starts at £350 per half day. Please get in touch for an up to date quote.

Bushcraft and den-making (NEW)

This is an excellent group activity that promotes teamwork and cooperation as well as thinking and problem solving skills. Teams of children work together to design and build a shelter from a limited range of materials. shelter.jpgShelters can be scored on different criteria such as how sturdy they are, how wind proof or waterproof they are, whether there is enough room for all the team to lie down etc. This activity can also be done inside or outside. Suitable for a wide range of numbers, costs vary depending on number of participants.

All our activities can be adapted to suit your requirements. Please let us know what you would like to do and we’ll do our best to make it happen!